The Perfect Decision

Making the perfect decision could be the point of Nirvana for me! Only if there was anything as such. I just want to say I really do not believe there is a perfect decision because we make decisions everyday on the basis of our limited knowledge and current circumstances. So how can we really be expected to make the best decisions say for the next 10  years? It is just not realistic. As we live and continue to grow our opinions change, needs and wishes altar. What’s even more important is that we make decisions within the comforts & discomforts of our current lives – within the knowledge based on our experience of 1 situation only. So how can we ever make a truly rational decision as we are most of the time not equipped with the same level of information as to the different options we have. I believe we make decisions based on bias and limited information.

It all comes back to the fact that we have very little real control of our lives. As I remind myself of that fact, I feel I need to let go more in the comfort of knowing that I can only make the best decision for myself based on my personal experience and current life and that is in fact the perfect decision for today. The rest will just have to be dealt with tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Decision

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